Underwater Welding

Sea Tech provides fast response for underwater permanent shell plating repair needs. Using specially designed cofferdams and hyperbaric chambers, defective shell plating sections can be replaced underwater by dry welding.

When necessary, custom fabrication of habitats is carried out on-site.

In addition, Sea Tech has certification for proprietary wet welding procedures accepted as permanent repairs.

Underwater Welding Services include:​ Gallery
  • Dry weld permanent repair of shell plating and appendages.

  • Dry weld installation and replacement of hull apertures (discharges, sea chests).

  • Wet weld temporary and permanent repairs.

  • Anode installation and replacement.

  • Installation of non structural components such as rope guards and fairwaters.

  • Class approved temporary repair of shell plating and appendages.

rope guard welding
service boat for welders
night welding
rope guard installation
rope guard installation
rope guard welding