Underwater Hull Cleaning Solutions

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Marine fouling has an immediate and potentially severe effect on ship performance. Any roughness on a ship’s hull that disrupts the laminar flow along the hull will produce drag, fouling accumulation and corrosion.
The magnitude of additional fuel use is quite variable, depending on the amount of fouling, the shape of the hull, and the speed at which the ship operates.
Fuel penalties are in the range of 10 to 30 percent.
Our expert divers use approved and patented hull surface cleaning machines that are globally recognized as the most effective means to recuperate vessels performance. 
We are cleaning with "Liquid Burst", this is contact less hull cleaning under low pressure, a brush less system Non-Contact, this is the most delicate technology existing on today's market in the world and it is the only system that good for a silicone paints.
In addition, we clean with Armadahull & SMP Brush Cart.