Underwater Desalination plant work

Sea Tech is the main underwater work provider of Ashkelon &Hadera's desalination plant.

Hadera RO Desalination Plant was constructed within the grounds of Hadera, Israel. The plant is located on the Mediterranean coast 50km north of Tel Aviv.​

RO technology at the plant includes sea and brackish water desalination and a design offering simpler operation and maintenance. It can produce water for drinking and industrial purposes.


The company target is to provide effective, achievable and, where necessary, creative solutions to fit the underwater works in the plant.​

Underwater Desalination Plant Services:Gallery
  • Dry pipes - Pigging.​​

  • HDPE Repair, maintenance and installation.

  • Underwater inspection of water tanks.

  • Underwater Sludge cleaning inside water tanks.

  • Installing of anodes - cathodic protection and maintenance.

  • Suction systems maintenance.

  • Air systems to remove jellyfish maintenance.

  • Replacement of Buoys and chains of the Suction systems. 

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