Underwater Construction

Sea Tech is a provider of underwater construction, inspection and repair services. Our team has a reputation for delivering cost effective, quality results to our clients. With an qualified employees and sub-contractors; we are able to quickly and cost-effectively deploy the right team for your project.
Underwater Construction & Repairs:

Successful construction and repairs of underwater marine installations demand quality personnel and equipment. Sea Tech's team of diving personnel comprised of certified   welders, machinists, mechanics, carpenters and other trade specialties have the skill and experience to complete any underwater project or intervention safely and successfully.

Underwater Construction Services: Gallery

  • Dredging works

  • Cranes Working

  • Salvage

  • Epoxy injection

  • Environmental services

  • Cable laying   

  • Hydro Blasting

  • Zinc anode assembling and replacement.

  • Installation of concrete mattresses

  • ​Dock, wharf and pier erection & repairs​

  • Pile repairs and restoration

  • jetting

  • Tie Rods installation

  • Construction of docks

  • Re-construction of docks

  • Underwater concrete casting

  • Underwater welding

  • Underwater cutting

  • HDPE Pipe installation & maintenance


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